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Giantess Sandals From a Fan
A sweet fan (and you know who you are) sends me some great sandals and boots that make thier way into my videos. I have noticed some girls wearing these type of platform thong sandals to the extreme and it is usually a shorter girl who feels she needs a little height. Men probably look at women in shoes like this and think, how does she do it -lending to the mystique. Not to give secrets away but I don’t feel walking in heels is that hard. Shoes like this, while I would not want to walk the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam in them for hours, have some natural support. What I don’t like is how flat heeled ballet type shoes look and feel, and tall girls needn’t feel confined to them if guys are sending us these six inch platform thongs in the mail. I plan to put these on one of my 5’3″ friends tomorrow and help her discover her inner Amazon.  One thing is for sure- once someone sends me something in the mail, I never look at that fashion in the same way again. Now, when we are out, when my cameraman and I see a girl in these stacked sandals we simply look at each other and say.”Giantess.”

Giantess World Cup Crush Clip

World Cup Crush 
A clip I have on my site is called World Cup Crush. It was inspired by enjoying the World Cup this time around, bad calls and all, hearing that horny sounds in the mornings and checking out the cute players.  For the final game, Ryan, who is in a lot of my videos, and I went into a sports bar and since we live in a heavy Mexican area they had the game on in Spanish. It was very cool of them to move us Gringos to the VIP room where we got to watch the game like rock stars.  We drank huge pints just to fit in! When I did this giantess clip I was on a cushion so very high up and the giantess effect comes up well but as I crushed the teams who suffered the major defeats I kept thinking “there should be a more knowing giantess doing this clip, one who watched every single game.”  Someone like my dad deserves the honor but no one wants to see his feet!

Goblin, enjoying the world cup


Her First Crush up on Clips4Sale

Her First Crush

Her first Crush is on clip4sale
I released a new video yesterday on Clips4sale about a giantess who does not knwo how to crush little men and has to get stuck in as she is quite over run. We did some neat sound effects and the product came out quite well. Do any of you sub boys know what nice products there are for a mistresses’ feet. I am a bit of a tom boy, despite the fact that I may look like you strict mommy and I would love some good leads on foot scrubs and lotions. It makes the crush so much more romatic!  Check out her First Crush on clips4sale And now back to the world cup!

Free Giantess Video

This is a new blog dedicated to my and other women’s experiences dominating men which have been happening for a long time, even before I discovered you could make money off it. And now for something free. A giantess video clip of mine on xtube. A gay guy turned me onto this tube site and if you mess with it a little you can watch the vids without them trying to get you to sign up. Hopefully it will keep it’s amateur vibe and/or a place for people to promote thier sites freely, otherwise it is just another piracy hub with bastards making money off content they had nothing to do with. For now though, check out my free giantess video.
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